What Am I Doing With My Life

Hello friends! Miss me? No need to respond, I know you did. 😉

Because I am in a million different places on the internet (humble brag), this post is just to let you all know about some of those things that I may not have previously posted about here, mostly music related. Get excited!


I’m officially a Youtuber!  (I use that term pretty loosely). Anywho, I post weekly, mostly original songs and a splattering of hot-mess cooking videos. I can guarantee you will be entertained.



If you want to hear my music without having to see my face – I can’t imagine this would be the case- visit my soundcloud!



Brash! is an online music magazine for indie artists that I’ve been writing for for about two years now, and somehow I’ve neglected to ever mention it on here. Check out the latest issue to read my artist about Maggie Rogers.

That’s all for now! Say hello in the comments 🙂






I’m Alive, I Swear

It’s been so long my dear friends! Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the excuses. Instead, just humor me and pretend to care as I give a brief life update.

Adulthood: I officially graduated from university (miracles happen). I’m a real adult these days. I pay bills and file taxes and even spent hours pouring over different healthcare plans today. I mean, I also spent a few hours watching Buzzfeed videos, but we won’t talk about that.

Location: Straight after graduation, I packed my bags, left the farm (kidding), and ventured out to the big city. Los Angeles, that is. I moved here for all the usual reasons, becoming an artist and changing the world and all that. What better time to be naive then my twenties?

Projects: So my “ticket” to Los Angeles was an internship at NBC, and a “plan” to become a screenwriter. To be honest I haven’t done that much screenwriting, but I have dedicated time to a few other artistic pursuits. I’m working on another novel, working title In Time. I started a food blog called eatsleepreheat which you all should check out. AND I got my first real guitar! I’m in love. With the guitar that is. #foreveralone. Anywho, this brings me to another major project: music. I started a Youtube channel that I intend to dedicate to it, as a means of forcing myself to practice. I’m hoping posting this will mean I’ll be too ashamed to stop posting, even when I’d rather watch Buzzfeed videos.

I hope you all check out my channel. It will consist of songs I’ve written as well as a few food related videos as a complement to eatsleepreheat. I’ll add a videos section to this blog so you can can see what I’m posting on there. I’m sure you’re just dying to see what sort of Oscar worthy gold I’ll be posting, so I’m giving you a sneak peak below. Fingers crossed to me doing a better job with the channel than I have with this blog 🙂

These Games

Hey dudes! I know it’s been a while since I posted anything and what can I say, I’m pretty much married to college! Anywho, I just posted a new song on SoundCloud and I thought I would post it here too. Also, in just 5 days I will be releasing three new short stories on Smashwords!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I know, you can barely would your excitement, but please try. I will post more about this on the day of. Have a great day everyone!

Song of the Week + a bonus!!

Due to my failure to upload a song of week last week, there are two this week! Get excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

First is “Take it Like a Man” by Wakey!Wakey! The lead singer of the band is Michael Grubbs, who was on one of my favorite shows in the world, One Tree Hill (if you haven’t seen this show your life isn’t complete). This song is from the album Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said the Last Time I Saw You. Take my word for it, he had a lot of pretty cool things to say.


And now we’ll go in a completely different direction, because I can’t get this song out of my head (but in a good way!). This week’s second song is “Streets of Gold” by Max Schneider! You may recognize him from a few things if you watch a lot of Nickelodeon, I hope that’s not a turn-off for anyone over 15…



Song of the Week 2

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! I am super excited to share with all of you this week’s song of the week (sorry for the excessive exclamation points, I just can’t help myself). So drum roll please……

White Coats” by Foxes! Foxes is an English artist probably best known for lending her vocals to Zedd’s “Clarity”. Her debut album “Glorious” is coming out on May 12, 2014. She also has a new single out called “Let Go For Tonight” which I think is really great (check out the acoustic version, which I personally prefer).

“White Coats” is still my favorite song by her. It reminds me so much of the 80’s (no I wasn’t born yet, but I’ve seen so many Molly Ringwald films I feel like I was there). Let me know what you think and have a glorious day 🙂