I’m Alive, I Swear

It’s been so long my dear friends! Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the excuses. Instead, just humor me and pretend to care as I give a brief life update.

Adulthood: I officially graduated from university (miracles happen). I’m a real adult these days. I pay bills and file taxes and even spent hours pouring over different healthcare plans today. I mean, I also spent a few hours watching Buzzfeed videos, but we won’t talk about that.

Location: Straight after graduation, I packed my bags, left the farm (kidding), and ventured out to the big city. Los Angeles, that is. I moved here for all the usual reasons, becoming an artist and changing the world and all that. What better time to be naive then my twenties?

Projects: So my “ticket” to Los Angeles was an internship at NBC, and a “plan” to become a screenwriter. To be honest I haven’t done that much screenwriting, but I have dedicated time to a few other artistic pursuits. I’m working on another novel, working title In Time. I started a food blog called eatsleepreheat which you all should check out. AND I got my first real guitar! I’m in love. With the guitar that is. #foreveralone. Anywho, this brings me to another major project: music. I started a Youtube channel that I intend to dedicate to it, as a means of forcing myself to practice. I’m hoping posting this will mean I’ll be too ashamed to stop posting, even when I’d rather watch Buzzfeed videos.

I hope you all check out my channel. It will consist of songs I’ve written as well as a few food related videos as a complement to eatsleepreheat. I’ll add a videos section to this blog so you can can see what I’m posting on there. I’m sure you’re just dying to see what sort of Oscar worthy gold I’ll be posting, so I’m giving you a sneak peak below. Fingers crossed to me doing a better job with the channel than I have with this blog 🙂

Spring Break Adventure Series: Round 2

Oh, Budapest*. It’s forever cemented its place in my heart as one of my favorite places in the world. The fascinating thing about Budapest is that it doesn’t often make the travel lists of your average American teenager, yet everyone I know that has gone cites it as one of their favorites. Think of it as something like a hidden gem, part of its beauty lying in the fact that it is considerably less touristy then the more typical European destinations. And, the best part if you’re traveling on a budget is that it’s incredibly cheap even if your native currency is the American dollar (bad joke)!!!!!!! When I went $1 was about 224 Hungarian forints (warning, this currency can be slightly confusing for foreigners, but just take out $60 and you’ll be greeted with more zeros than you ever thought could manifest out of your bank account unless you finally took your crazy uncle’s suggestion to rob that Seven Eleven across the street) and a nice Hungarian meal (yes, food is my currency, don’t judge me) is around 1000 hfu or $5 USD. The portions are huge, and the locals’ tagline seems to be “the most delicious and unhealthiest cuisine in Europe.” Fine with me 🙂

I thought the food in Budapest was delicious. It was simple, which I like, and filling, which is not a word that I can relate to very often. I recommend goulash, it’s a soup/ stew (depends on who you ask) with beef and vegetables. A little tip, if you’re looking for authentic goulash in Budapest, the kind that Hungarians eat look for restaurants were the word is spelled with a ‘y’ as in gouyash because the other stuff is what tourists eat. It’s what I ate, but hey I was a tourist, anyway I loved it, my palette isn’t sophisticated enough to taste the difference between an ‘l’ and a ‘y’. Ha ha…I’m sorry for my jokes.

Let’s talk about the Turkish baths. They are another cultural element left behind by one of the many groups that was at some point in charge of Hungary. This-sidenote- is one of my favorite things about Budapest, all of these different cultural influences have remained, I personally think they took the best things from every group that conquered them. If case you’ve never heard of Turkish baths, they are kind of like a giant spa, yet not so exclusive because entrance into the one I went to (one of the most expensive) was 18 USD.  We picked this one because it had both an outdoor and indoor area. The heated outdoor pool, I had decided, was going to be perfect for watching the sunset. We switched our whole itinerary in Budapest to carter to this one desire of mine, and guess what? I fell asleep in a sauna. In my defense, I had just followed the advice of a group of French woman who recommended that my friend and I enter one of the saunas in the facility, one that I recommend entering if you want a glimpse at what the fires of hell feel like. Afterwards, we were to enter this really cold pool, where we reenacted the Titanic scene. I can’t really say what this whole process is supposed to do for you, and if it’s supposed to be good, but personally I’m thinking never again. It is after this exhausting experience that we went into a sauna and fell asleep. So there’s my excuse, will you take it?

I am realizing (don’t you love how I walk you through my thoughts, it’s like you’re in my mind) that this post is going to get very long if I include everything I have to say about Budapest in here, I suppose I am feeling quite chatty today. So, I will just make this about food and Turkish baths, and I will include a part two about other things to see in Budapest.

On the next edition of the Spring Break Adventures (Budapest Part 2) you can look forward to secret boxes, mosque-church hybrids, the 3rd largest Parliament, and ruin bars. Stay tuned 🙂

*I know this song has nothing to do with Budapest, but it plays a lot on Italian MTV so I get to see it every day sometimes twice a day at the dinner table. One of the girls I live with is pretty obsessed with it too, so it’s pretty much drilled in my brain and every time I hear the word Budapest I can’t help but think of the song, and I wanted to condition that into your brains too because misery loves company. So you’re welcome 🙂

Potato pancake with cheese and garlic sour cream, listed on the menu as a "snack." Pest snack ever

Potato pancake with cheese and garlic sour cream, listed on the menu as a “snack.” Best snack ever

One of those love chain thingies, as our tour guide pointed out some of them have number combinations, in case someone changes their mind

One of those love chain thingies, as our tour guide pointed out some of them have number combinations, in case someone changes their mind

Chicken Paprika and Hungarian Dumplins

Chicken Paprika and Hungarian Dumplings

Heroes' Square

Heroes’ Square




Tragedy Ensues

Today was the first day of classes.That was the tragedy I was speaking of…  I was 30 minutes late because I got really lost. I spent at least 15 minutes walking in circles around the general vicinity of where the building actually was. School, I have discovered, is not something I enjoy no matter where I am. Here is a beautiful picture to make up for it! Ponte Vecchio is a beautiful bridge that connects two sides of Florence and goes across the river Arno. It is only a few minutes from my school, and there are always so many birds when the sun is shinning it feels like you’re living in a photograph. I hope you all get the chance to visit! ImageImageImage