I’m Alive, I Swear

It’s been so long my dear friends! Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the excuses. Instead, just humor me and pretend to care as I give a brief life update.

Adulthood: I officially graduated from university (miracles happen). I’m a real adult these days. I pay bills and file taxes and even spent hours pouring over different healthcare plans today. I mean, I also spent a few hours watching Buzzfeed videos, but we won’t talk about that.

Location: Straight after graduation, I packed my bags, left the farm (kidding), and ventured out to the big city. Los Angeles, that is. I moved here for all the usual reasons, becoming an artist and changing the world and all that. What better time to be naive then my twenties?

Projects: So my “ticket” to Los Angeles was an internship at NBC, and a “plan” to become a screenwriter. To be honest I haven’t done that much screenwriting, but I have dedicated time to a few other artistic pursuits. I’m working on another novel, working title In Time. I started a food blog called eatsleepreheat which you all should check out. AND I got my first real guitar! I’m in love. With the guitar that is. #foreveralone. Anywho, this brings me to another major project: music. I started a Youtube channel that I intend to dedicate to it, as a means of forcing myself to practice. I’m hoping posting this will mean I’ll be too ashamed to stop posting, even when I’d rather watch Buzzfeed videos.

I hope you all check out my channel. It will consist of songs I’ve written as well as a few food related videos as a complement to eatsleepreheat. I’ll add a videos section to this blog so you can can see what I’m posting on there. I’m sure you’re just dying to see what sort of Oscar worthy gold I’ll be posting, so I’m giving you a sneak peak below. Fingers crossed to me doing a better job with the channel than I have with this blog 🙂

HEART is FREE…for now

Hello friends! I wanted to let you all know that HEART is currently free!! However, it is only for this weekend. So if you’re interested in reading it, be sure to download it now because the price will go back up on Monday!

For those of you that do not have a kindle, you can download the Kindle App on your smartphone or computer (and lots of other devices) for free. So what are you waiting for? Whether you love HEART or you hate it, I appreciate all of you guys’ feedback, so please give it a chance and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading. Wishing you all the best Friday ever 🙂



HEART cover

*Click the cover image or the word HEART above to follow the download link.

New Blog: The Process Series

Hello friends! I know it’s been a while, I’ve been busy editing and querying for How To Get Your Heart Broken. As those of you who are writers may know, this is a long and arduous process. But it has inspired me to start thinking about the reason I started this blog in the first place, which is to share my creative writing with the world. You see the problem is that I would actually like to make money from writing some day (I know, crazy). So I’ve had this struggle of trying to balance what to give out for free and what to try and sell.

All of this plus the realization that I don’t seek nearly enough feedback on my writing has inspired me to create a new blog called The Process Series!!!!!! Hooray! I know you’re excited too.

You see way back before I wrote How to Get Your Heart Broken I wrote a little ol’ story called Fallen. It has never seen the light of day because it sucks, to be honest. Now I haven’t looked at Fallen for years, and the thought of doing so makes me cringe, but that is exactly why I want to embark on this project.

On The Process Series, I am going to post chapters of Fallen one by one, ask for feedback, and use that to edit. Then I will post the edited chapters and hope that this manuscript is not beyond saving. So any of you other writers out there who hate editing like I do, I invite you on this journey to redeem irredeemable works. If anyone else would be interested in posting their works to this blog, please let me know.

For now, I hope you’ll tune in and help me save Fallen. You can feel good about helping out a struggling writer*. Maybe you’ll read Fallen and rejoice that someone out there is a worst writer than you. In that case, I’m happy I could give you the confidence boost.

Remember, I will be more than happy to return editing feedback to anyone who was that much faith in my writing capabilities.

I hope to see you all in my second home.

* Please know that you do not have to be a writer to tune in and give me feedback. Any and all advice is appreciated.




Hiya! If you’ve been keeping up with my blog for a while you know that I released a few short stories through the inter-web a few months ago. Well…this is one of those stories where you have to backtrack to explain.

So Saturday was my birthday and I begrudgingly became a non-teen (yikes). Now here’s the exciting part: In celebration, I decided to make the previously mentioned short stories free for a whole week!!! I know, I know, you’re bursting at the seams with excitement. But really, it’s free so what do you have to lose?

Anywho, you can find the stories on Smashwords and Barnes and Nobles (+ iBooks, Kobo, and OverDrive). I value all of your opinions so I would really really appreciate it if you let me know what you think of these stories by leaving a comment on here at any of those retailer’s sites. If you want to know what the stories are about check out these previous blogs. Thanks for listening 🙂