Cover Reveal: HEART

Hello friends! I know you’ve probably been spending all of your time wondering about the status of HEART, so today I’m here to quell your fears. HEART is going to be released this Friday on Amazon!!!!!! I know it’s going to be really difficult to contain your excitement until then, so I’m going to be posting teasers all week! Today I’ve got the cover and the Spotify playlist for you all, so enjoy!



HEART cover

These are stories about first kisses, near death experiences, adventures in indie clubs, and European bucket lists.

These are stories about wanting love, searching for it, finding it, losing it, and beginning again.

These are stories about finding yourself and learning to be brave.

These characters are bonded together by the things they want, the things they’re afraid of, and the things they’re still trying to figure out.

This is about growing up but staying young. This is about HEART.

In this collection are 5 romantic short stories and a special preview of the author’s upcoming novel How to Get Your Heart Broken. 


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