What Scares You: Story # 3

Hey guys! So this is an excerpt from the third story I am releasing tomorrow, it’s called “What Scares You.” If you’re interested in the others check out my previous posts, called “Loveless” and “We Met at Target.”


A bad date could just be the start of the night when everything changed. Drunk drivers, quiet bars, and unsolicited confessions create an epic formula that will either bring two strangers together or tear them apart; its only guarantee is how it will unravel them.

And here’s the excerpt:

“Siblings?” He asked, clearing his throat.

“An older brother,” she smiled, leaving the faraway world she’d been visiting before he called her back. “He just got married last summer. The girls a bitch-”

He let out a weird humph, some mixture of astonishment and a nervous laugh that almost made her regret what she’d said.

“But it’s true!” She protested.  She sighed and rolled her eyes, as if someone was forcing her to admit her fault, “But she helped him get his life together I guess and he’s happy…at least I think so. So good for them…I guess.”

“I hope that wasn’t your toast at the wedding,” he said, his eyes widening in fear.

“I didn’t get the chance to make one,” she said regretfully. She propped her chin up on her palm, and looked up at him for the briefest of seconds before fixing her eyes to his coaster. She had never dated anyone who used a coaster before. She was trying to decide if she liked it or not.

“Is there a story there?” He asked. He was too curious now to regret the way his voice betrayed his interest.

She smiled slowly, sadly, at the coaster, “Maybe I’ll tell you one day.”

She looked back at him. Her eyes were a warm, strange mixture. Chocolate with a hint of sunlight, sad and bright, he liked looking at them, though he couldn’t explain why.

“What about you?” She asked in a high voice, blinking the mystery away.

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested, you can buy my stories here.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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