We Met at Target: Story # 2

Hello World! So I am going to release 3 short stories on Smashwords tomorrow*. This is one of them, and it is called We Met at Target:

Love comes when you least expect it. In fact, sometimes you’re so unprepared that you almost let it slip. But the cleaning supplies aisle of Target is the perfect place for second chances…

Here’s the excerpt:

I smiled reluctantly. A distracted, unintelligible mumble about how this always happens to me was escaping my lips. In truth, my mind was somewhere far away. I wanted so badly to stay in that moment, to be in his company even if we were in a sketchy gas station. If I squinted really hard it could have been a castle, and he, of course Prince Charming. I could think of nothing else.

And then he walked away, towards the cashier and some guy was yelling “Hey Lady if you’re going to day dream don’t do it by the damn door.”

I skirted away, out of the entrance. The angry man opened the door and then it shut in front of my face again.

As I was staring at Prince Charming through the glass I thought maybe I was looking at him through rose colored glass. I convinced myself there was no point. We could date and I could fall madly in love and we could be happy. But then I would get my heart broken and I would have to go through that endless cycle again. What was the point? I just didn’t have the energy.

And for those who still believed in happily ever after or even in faithful men, there was a 50% divorce rate that rendered them imbeciles. And that’s what I thought of when I sighed and turned back to my car.

As I was driving away a small part of me was thinking of what could have been while the rest of me rationalized through what would have been.

Thanks for reading! If you liked it, you should consider making both of us happy by buying it!

*See previous blog, Loveless for more info.


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