Loveless: Story # 1

Hello world! So tomorrow is the day I am finally releasing three new short stories on Smashwords (also available on Barnes& Books, iBooks, etc ). Eeeek!!!! I thought I’d put up some samples up here for anyone interested. So here’s the first one *cue drum roll.

This one is called “Loveless”

Intelligent, eccentric, and bored, Mae is still waiting for the moment her life will change. At her first house party, she thinks she may have found the answer in a certain stranger’s crooked smile, but some journeys must be taken alone.

And here’s the excerpt:

“You going to the party at Jackson’s house Saturday night?” She asked me after our temporary release from the prison that is Russer’s class.

“Probably not,” I replied, debating if I should make up some lie about having other plans and deciding against it when I remember what a terrible liar I am.

“Come on! Jackson is going to be there.”

The way her eyes grew, so large it seemed they could have swallowed her small, doll-like face whole, you would have thought Jackson was her nickname for the Loch-ness monster.

“I figured he would be, since it’s his party…”

I may be the only girl in school not impressed by Jackson and his all-American good looks, but Emma already knows this. She was already halfway out of the building, shaking her head as she walked away and turning to blow me a kiss before she pushed the door open.

Emma and I are not friends. The only time I have “hung out” with her outside of school was three years ago when we happened to be at the DMV at the same time bonding over the fear that we would be the only two in our grade to fail our driving tests. The two of us just happened to end up on similar paths. This is not saying much, coming from Pine Hill, an absurdly small town on the outskirts of North Carolina we weren’t the only two from our high school that fled to the biggest college in the area. Still, sometimes I wondered if she had followed me to school, her place as every teacher’s favorite student secured with the stellar combination of my brain and her people skills. By now I don’t really mind her. Besides, I am using her as inspiration for one of my characters, Mia’s more outgoing and conventionally likeable older sister.

If you liked it, buy it tomorrow! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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