From Where We Stand

Hello world! It’s been a few months since I’ve been on here but I am back in school, readjusting to live here and desperately missing Europe. I wanted to share something I made while I was in Florence, a project we began when we were supposed to create a short film for our filmmaking class. Well let’s just say that didn’t exactly workout…anywho we managed to make this extended trailer that I’m pretty proud off considering it was my first venture into the filmmaking world. Steven Spielberg make way…I’m kidding (or am I)? I’m currently working on a few short stories I plan to publish online on Smashwords by the end of next month (I figure announcing it here will make me do it, but we’ll see about that). So anyway, look out for that, watch my extended trailer and LOVE IT, and comment below and say hi 🙂



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