I See the Mediterranean Sea

Bonjour from Italy! I went to France last weekend, and because I speak both French and Italian (but neither fluently) this was the sort of confusion that summarizes my attempts to communicate with people. Yeah me! So I went to the French Riviera (squeal) to Cannes, Nice, and Eze. I had one of the best weekends of my life, the water is unrealistically blue and everything looks so different and beautiful. Let’s not forget the incredible number of designers that have shops right across from the building where the Cannes Film Festival takes place. Now, I’m not one to normally get excited about designer brands as I measure currency based on the amount of food you could buy with it and a $1,000 purse to me is just sacrificing about 2 years of Nutella, but even I was impressed! I took pictures of very much everything, but neglected the stairs that the red carpet is placed on for the film festival, because to be honest that part was rather anticlimactic…A friend and I tried to catch a free ride on a carousel (this failed) but over the course of the weekend, I spotted about five. I suppose the French are more fond of carousels than I ever realized.

Anywho, Cannes seems to me a very lavish and luxurious place. It’s a great place for a vacation (just sell an arm and you’ll be able to afford it) but I think staying there for too long would be like having a really good dream last forever and who would want that? …right not sure where I was going with that but.

Nice seemed more family friendly, not cheap but less expensive. Lovely parks, beautiful outdoor cafes, flower markets, etc. Lots of pizza and gelato but also escargot (if you’re into that), so an interesting mix of French and Italian cuisine for those who can’t pick. The beach is lovely, but don’t go there at night, or be careful if you do because it tends to get a little sketchy as I learned J

Eze was scary. Beautiful, but scary. Not a good place for people who have a fear of heights, like me. It’s all cliffs and just when you think you can’t get any higher you do and those barricades may as well be homemade with sheets of loose leaf paper and glue when you’re traveling on a giant bus…BUT there’s an awesome perfume factory that also sells cosmetic products and everything looks really lovely and you can take a tour of the place. You can also go on a century long hike, going into all the little shops and walkways that will just lead you higher, and higher…




Nice Sunset (see what I did there?????)




On the Carousel


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