Carnival in Venice

So about two weeks ago now (I now, I really have to get on top of this blogging thing…) I went to Venice with my host family. In case you don’t know anything about Venezian history (then we have a lot in common, but bear with me here) there is a month long Carnival  whose’s origins are tied to a military victory, and pre-Lent festivities.

Anyway most people dress up and you see these absurdly elaborate costumes that I think must have cost a fortune, and you get to roam the streets of Venice and take pictures of cute gondola-driving men (I don’t know what they’re actually called. Also, can anyone explain the lack of gondola-driving woman? I’m actually, genuinely curious about this…). So at noon on the first Sunday of Carnival, which is when we were there,  an “angel” (young woman) dressed in a really colorful Carnival costume that “flies” (ziplines?) from the Bell Tower to Saint Mark’s square. Everyone gathered to watch it, in the square so there were thousands of people there watching her fly above us. Thanks to the awesome zoom on my camera you’ll actually get to see what she looks like!

I had such a wonderful day at Carnival, and Venice is now officially my favorite Italian city (though I’ve only been to three). Walking through the streets of Venice feels like stepping into a secret or being in the midst of an epic treasure hunt. Even with thousands of other people there, roaming the streets with you it can still feel like home. So I highly recommend going it you can and (unless you have way more money than me go with a group if you want to ride the gondole because they are quite pricey). Comment below tell me about your time in Venice if you’ve ever been! Wishing you all a lovely day 🙂

"Flight of the Angel"

“Flight of the Angel”

Guess Who Loves Purple?

Guess Who Loves Purple?

Gondole !

Gondole !

My Host Parents (as Ice Queen and Casanova)

My Host Parents (as Ice Queen and Casanova)


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