Munich Music

Ciao! So this post will offer those who cares more insight about why I was in Munich for 24 hours (read my last post titled “Munich in a Day”). This story actually starts about ten years ago, on a warm summer day…don’t worry I’ll give you the short version.

I went to Munich for a concert, including three artists, Ron Pope, Alexz Johnson, and Wakey Wakey. Now I think Ron Pope is incredibly talented and Wakey Wakey is charismatic and just amazing. He was only “the guy on One Tree Hill” to me, and I just love all things One Tree Hill related. With that said, I went for Alexz. A lot of people, I have discovered, don’t recognize her name but are familiar with her work.

She was Annie on that Disney Show So Weird which I actually didn’t watch. If you’re like me, you know as Jude Harrison from that show on The N (the same channel Degrassi played on) called Instant Star. Instant Star was and still is my favorite show on the planet! When the show ended I was so devastated that Alexz wouldn’t be on my tv screen every Friday night. I began listening to her music which funny enough I didn’t like at first, it seemed so different from her music on the show and what I listened to. Now I don’t think I could live without it, she introduced me to a genre of music I didn’t even know existed. Her music overtime, has crossed many genres with her lastest EP, Heart being very bluesy thought her music is normally in the  folk, indieish category. 

Anyway, her lyrics are beautiful her voice is incredible and if you ever see her live, you’ll discover she also has incredible stage presence. And I can attest that she is also really nice and smells great, if you care about that stuff…Here’s some footage from the concert I went to (not mine), and some of my faves of hers.

Subscribe if you’d like and feel free to comment, I’d love to know what you guys think of her  🙂

ImageA signed pick from Alexz, now my most prized possession


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