Munich in a Day

Last weekend I spent a day in Munich! It was cold and rainy, but beautiful nevertheless! I met lots of very nice people, all of whom I was very grateful for since I don’t speak any German and was travelling alone. I visited Marienplatz (central square), Schloss Nymphenburg (palace) as well as the unbelievable huge garden attached to it, and Viktualienmarkt, and the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum.

I tried to pack in as much “German” food as I could into one day. The first thing I picked, “Weiner Schnitzel” because I thought it sounded the most German of everything on the menu turned out to be a chicken sandwich! I did try again, and had some delicious pretzels (I think I could live off of buttered pretzels…). Now scroll down for some random pictures!

P.S. If you do get a chance to visit Munich be sure to take it! I’m no expert on the city (I did learn a lot in my 26 hours there…) but it seems like a great like for the artistically inclined, like me! Also lots of bakeries! That alone should be enough to convince anyone to go…

P.S. S.  Check out my next post if you would like to know why I was only in Munich for 24 hours!


Swans at Schloss (I’m nicknaming it cause it takes too long to write). It was my first time seeing one, exciting times!


ImageCool Fountain


ImageHangin’ out with Captain Jack


ImageSchloss, or part of it cause its freaking HUGE !


ImageReaching for an apple…


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