I’m Alive, I Swear

It’s been so long my dear friends! Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the excuses. Instead, just humor me and pretend to care as I give a brief life update.

Adulthood: I officially graduated from university (miracles happen). I’m a real adult these days. I pay bills and file taxes and even spent hours pouring over different healthcare plans today. I mean, I also spent a few hours watching Buzzfeed videos, but we won’t talk about that.

Location: Straight after graduation, I packed my bags, left the farm (kidding), and ventured out to the big city. Los Angeles, that is. I moved here for all the usual reasons, becoming an artist and changing the world and all that. What better time to be naive then my twenties?

Projects: So my “ticket” to Los Angeles was an internship at NBC, and a “plan” to become a screenwriter. To be honest I haven’t done that much screenwriting, but I have dedicated time to a few other artistic pursuits. I’m working on another novel, working title In Time. I started a food blog called eatsleepreheat which you all should check out. AND I got my first real guitar! I’m in love. With the guitar that is. #foreveralone. Anywho, this brings me to another major project: music. I started a Youtube channel that I intend to dedicate to it, as a means of forcing myself to practice. I’m hoping posting this will mean I’ll be too ashamed to stop posting, even when I’d rather watch Buzzfeed videos.

I hope you all check out my channel. It will consist of songs I’ve written as well as a few food related videos as a complement to eatsleepreheat. I’ll add a videos section to this blog so you can can see what I’m posting on there. I’m sure you’re just dying to see what sort of Oscar worthy gold I’ll be posting, so I’m giving you a sneak peak below. Fingers crossed to me doing a better job with the channel than I have with this blog 🙂

How to Get Your Heart Broken Blog Tour

How to Get Your Heart Broken

Hello friends! Today is the official kick-off for my book blog tour. Yepee! If you are interested in reading the promo material (author interviews, teasers, etc.) click on the blogs below.

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And if you all would like to follow the rest of the tour, the dates can be found here.

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How to Get Your Heart Broken Trailer

Hello friends! I can’t believe it is less than two weeks before How to Get Your Heart Broken gets released!! I am feeling ridiculously impatient. The only reason I don’t want to speed up the days is because I am currently on spring break (Ha!). Anywho, I have something to help us all get through the wait: the book trailer!

I made it myself (not to brag or anything 😉 ) so I am excited to share it with you all. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Createspace Proof

Hello friends! I know it’s been a while but I’m currently finishing up my last semester of college, so things have been a bit hectic! I know everyone’s been holding their breaths waiting for an update on How to Get Your Heart Broken (kidding/ not kidding) so I figured I would give the people what they want! March 21st is coming up so soon I can’t believe it!!

This weekend I got my Createspace proof, so I thought I would post a little about that and provide feedback for anyone interested in publishing with them. The book looks great, my friends have all remarked about how it looks like a “real” book (I forgive them). The cover looks AMAZING. The format all turned out as it should.

For those of you that are curious, the dimension I picked were 5.5X8.5. I went with cream paper and a matte cover. I used a few different fonts in the book and they all turned out great. The pictures on my bio page also came out clearly. I know that some people have complained about Createspace online, and I’m sure there are higher chances for mistakes when you order a lot of books, but I am very satisfied with my proof!

As someone who has always wanted to be an author, I was ecstatic the moment I was finally able to hold my book in my hands. If you are interested in publishing one of your works, I definitely recommend Createspace (I know it may seem like it, but this really isn’t an ad).

But I’ll stop talking now. Here’s a sneak peak intro How to Get Your Heart Broken:

That is all for now. But don’t worry, I will be back with more updates about HGYHB soon now that there are only a few weeks left!!! Leave me your comments and questions. And Happy Belated Valentines!

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Queen's University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast

It’s been too long. So, I was thinking we could catch up, I could tell you all about my study abroad experience in Ireland and all of the exciting things I’ve been doing.

I was lucky enough to visit Belfast last weekend (or the weekend before…). There was good food and company, and lots of fascinating history. I’m sorry to say I did not take as many pictures as I normally do but as usual, I do have a lot to say.

We arrived in Belfast on a Friday evening, went to dinner and ended up at a pub called Robinson’s.  There was a bachelorette party going on there, as well as some live-music, and a poor girl who kept attempting to start a sing-a-long (stop trying to make fetch happen?!). Needless to say, that whole night was pretty entertaining.

Anywho, we went on a Black Taxi tour the next morning. I highly recommend doing one if you go to Belfast, you get to learn a lot about “the Troubles” in Northern Ireland from people that were in the midst of the conflict. Conflict in this area ended less than ten years ago, and everyone is still clearly dealing with the consequences. During the tour you get to see the Peace Walls, which are there to prevent conflict between two groups that really only live a few meters from each other.

We were also able to see Queens College that day, which is beautiful! At night there are cool lights, so I recommend seeing it then. We went to lunch at a cute café called Black Bear, and I had great mango-tango tea. It actually inspired my quest to discover/drink more tea (when in Ireland?).   We hung out at the Botanical Garden for a while since there was actual SUN and then spent a couple hours at the Ulster Museum. This museum is HUGE and also FREE so it was awesome.

Belfast is a little quieter than I expected for a capital city. However the people were lovely, the food was great, and the weather was a lot better than expected, so I definitely enjoyed my experience!

Thanks for reading and CHEERS! (not sure I’m using that in the right context but I’m still learning) 😉

A portion of murals in Belfast that display causes important to the community. This one was to welcome Syrian refugees

A portion of murals in Belfast that display causes important to the community. This one was to welcome Syrian refugees

You obviously can't tell from this picture, but this deer from the Ulster Museum was just really gigantic. It was called 'Giant Deer.' Now extinct. You're welcome.

You obviously can’t tell from this picture, but this deer from the Ulster Museum was just really gigantic. It was called ‘Giant Deer.’ Now extinct. You’re welcome.